WSFF recap and three short films you can watch online right now

We had the privilege  of seeing 17 different films at this year’s Wild and Scenic Film Festival – the largest environmental film festival in the US – which just happens to take place in OUR little foothill community. Grateful. Aware. Inspired…just a few words that come to mind reflecting on this incredible weekend full of film and activism.

While our focus was viewing movies about our food system (see previous blog post), we managed to catch several beautifully shot environmental films that left us speechless about the overwhelmingly destructive state of our modern world like The Age of Consequences, To the Ends of the Earth, and Fractured Land. Yet, through all of the heavy topics, we managed to see the light through the crack in the wall, and left with a renewed sense of purpose to live harmoniously on this earth.

Thanks to everyone at SYRCL and WSFF for an amazing adventure! Here are three short films we saw at WSFF, available to watch for free:


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