New BriarPatch Sous Chef releases three new dishes, brings a passion for farm fresh ingredients to Deli

James Herzig Deli2.jpg

Great news, folks. BriarPatch Deli just added one of the area’s best chefs to our roster of outstanding culinary professionals. If you’re a fan of the farm-to-table movement and it’s focus on farm fresh, local ingredients, you better keep your eyes (and nose) tuned into our Deli.

James Herzig has deep roots in our local foodie community. He was one of the first full time employees of Earth Circles Organics in Auburn, a wholesale importer and distributor of raw and organic superfoods. Later he was Executive Chef at the award winning Wise Villa Winery in Lincloln and then moved to Nectar Cafe in Auburn, where he won multiple Sacramento vegan chef challenge awards as Chef and Restaruant Manager.

Throughout James’s time as Chef at Wise Villa and Nectar Cafe he had a strong focus on fresh, farm-to-table menus and worked with many local and regional farms. He’s excited to bring these passions to BriarPatch and help further the Deli’s use of local ingredients in the Hot Bar, Grab & Go Items, and Deli case.

His first three dishes – pictured below and available now at BriarPatch Deli – are just a glimpse of what’s in store for our taste buds. Welcome, James! We look forward to trying your food!

New Deli Grab & Go Items by Sous Chef James Herzig: Zucchini Pad Thai (vegan), Thai Chicken Curry, Chimichurri Tri-Tip.



Peak season picks: 8 things you should know about grapefruit



1. Grapefruit is a natural pick-me-up for your senses due to its refreshing scent.

2. It wasn’t always a popular fruit. Grapefruit was first bred in the 18th century in Barbados and introduced to Florida in the 1820s as a novelty.

3. In 1962, there was an effort by Florida marketers to change the name of the grapefruit to something more enticing, but the public resisted.

4. Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, folate and vitamin B5. Because they contain more of the red-pigment antioxidant lycopene, pink and red grapefruit varieties are more nutritious than the white.

5. Humidity contributes to a thinner peel and juicier fruit. Grapefruit from more arid climates have a thicker, rougher peel and lower juice content.

6. For maximum flavor and juiciness, leave the fruit at room temperature for a couple of hours before eating.

7. The name grapefruit is a reference to the way the fruit hangs while growing, in clusters like grapes.

8. In 1962, there was an effort by Florida marketers to change the name of the grapefruit to something more enticing, but the public resisted.

Note: If you’re taking prescription drugs, talk with your health care practitioner about eating grapefruit, which interacts with some pharmaceuticals, making their effects stronger and potentially harmful.

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