Charles Schmidt – Volunteer of the Year!


Chances are you’ve seen Charles Schmidt before. After all, this exceptional volunteer is a huge reason why the front of BriarPatch Co-op always looks so great, no matter the time of year.

On sunny days he can be found cleaning off outdoor tables during the busy lunch hour. On windy days he can be seen picking trash out of the parking lot rosemary bushes. Long time Co-op owners can even recall Charles driving a tractor to plow snow at the Washington Street location!

Charles’ deeds go well beyond his dedication to cleanliness. He always goes the extra mile to recycle everything that can be recycled and is the first to help out anyone who needs a hand with their groceries and carts. Years ago he built the beautiful outdoor bench pictured above, which still remains today.

We are grateful for Charles’ dedication and hard work, but also for his positive presence at our Co-op. He’s truly an indispensable member of our community. Please join us in honoring Charles by thanking him the next time you see him.

Charles is being presented with the Volunteer of the Year award at the Volunteer Party on Sunday December 11th at 4pm.


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