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Super Tuber Farm Tour

Super Tuber Farmers

Photo: ©Akim Aginsky 2016

The first year of Super Tuber’s existence, Jeremy Mineau worked alone on an acre of land in Nevada City, using few tools or equipment to grow potatoes. It was a lot more work – and a lot less pay – than he had expected, but Jeremy persevered.

The farm has grown to nearly five acres, with locations in Penn Valley and Nevada City. He now employs four people whom he calls, “awesome and indispensable dudes.”

Super Tuber Farm now grows more than potatoes. They also focus on carrots, cabbage, and a variety of salad greens, and they’re looking forward to sharing what they grow and what they’ve learned at a free farm tour on Sunday, August 28, from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Sponsored by BriarPatch Co-op, the tour will be at their Penn Valley location, a field they’ve been farming for four years and leased from AM Ranch at 12780 Spenceville Road. BriarPatch will be offering snacks and refreshments.

“We always strive to find the most delicious varieties and grow them in such a way that enriches our soils, our bodies, and our lives,” said Jeremy. “We are also just plain happy to meet all the folks that have been enjoying our produce over the past few years!”


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