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The Garden Guru

kristenGardening in the foothills can be challenging. How do you grow veggies in the red dirt? What grows best in the shade of pines? How should I amend the soil, and what should my timing be for planting?

Kristen, who used to be the head of BriarPatch’s garden and floral sections, will be offering her wealth of knowledge on Tuesdays through the month of October. Find her on the Patch Patio from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Not only did Kristen contribute much to the Co-op’s garden department, she’s a Master Gardener in her own right. She has six years of experience teaching gardening classes. For 30 years, Kristen has been growing her own food gardens as well as helping clients maintain their own gardens. 15 of those years have been in Nevada County, so she understands the specific challenges of gardening in our foothills quite well.

Make sure to take advantage of the insight our Garden Guru can give. It should be a handful of Tuesdays worth looking forward to.


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