The Year of the Bag

bag-reduction-slider2Because even 100 percent recycled paper bags require energy – and water – to remanufacture, distribute, and dispose of, there is an environmental cost. That paper bag isn’t your greenest option.

BriarPatch has decided that 2014 is going to be the Year of the Bag. Together, we can reduce our use of single-use bags. Starting on Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, BriarPatch will charge 10¢ each for large paper bags. Why? It’s because it works. Other stores, cities, and counties that have instituted a bag charge have found that it helps the use of reusable bags to become more mainstream, more of a habit. And the Patch goes through a lot of paper bags – 6,000 a week to be exact.

We’re trying to help make the transition as easy as possible. We’ve put signs in the parking lot, reminding you to bring in your bags when you shop. The store will no longer be giving bag credits. Instead, the money saved from purchasing paper bags – they cost us about 11¢ each – will be used to keep reusable bag prices low and will also be donated to environmental causes.

Help every day be Earth Day by bringing your reusable bags in to shop. It’s the best option for the environment, and they’re pretty stylish, too.


Fresh and Exciting Cooking Classes for Spring

Chef KrisSpring is a wonderful time for fresh starts – to try new things and renew yourself.

This spring is also witnessing the budding of many more learning opportunities at the BriarPatch Co-op Community Cooking School. Most weeks, the school will host three or more courses, and the options are as diverse as a field of wildflowers.

Kim Jones will be teaching two different classes on kitchen knife skills. On Friday, April 4, the class will focus on fruits and vegetables. The following Friday, Jones will be teaching how to cut up a whole chicken, so there isn’t any waste.

Spring is also a fantastic time to travel, and the Co-op Cooking School will be going into international regions with many upcoming choices. Doug Schma will take the class on a journey through Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan on Tuesday, April 8. Behzad Moftakhar will teach the secrets behind Spanakopita and more on April 10. Do you enjoy the vegan kelp soba noodle soup at the BriarPatch deli? Migiwa Kawasaki will explain the process and benefits of this Macrobiotic, gluten-free creation on April 12. And on April 18, Kim Jones will be leading her class through Thailand – well, at least when it comes to dishes served in the country.

As if those weren’t enough, there are even more classes. From sauces to gluten-free, Paleo to hearty soups – there’s an answer for almost any culinary question this April. Spring into new dinner adventures at the BriarPatch Co-op Community Cooking School.

Full descriptions for each class, as well as specific dates and times, can be found on BriarPatch’s website,

Classes are held at the BriarPatch Co-op Community Cooking School, 648 Zion Street in Nevada City. The fee for most classes, which includes a share of what’s being cooked, is just $30 for BriarPatch owners and $35 for the general public. For more information or to pre-register, call BriarPatch at 272-5333×134, email, or sign-up and pay for the class online.