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Now, Forager

Now Forager PosterNow, Forager” is a bit different than most of our Friday Food Films. It’s definitely a film about food. It’s saturated in it, but it’s not a documentary. It’s an indie drama. It’s also really good.

The winner of numerous awards, the film focuses on the lives of Lucien and Regina. They make their living foraging, but it’s difficult to make a living – they never know if they’ll find anything or even if they’ll have buyers. That chancy type of day-to-day convinces Regina to look for a more steady income.

As Regina’s career bounds upward, tension grows between Lucien’s wish to live a gypsy life and Regina’s wish for a more settled existence.

It’s a film about a great love of food, both wild and prepared. Visually striking, the tale will suck you in. Would you rather wander, foraging for income or settle down doing something that challenges you but leaves you stuck in the city? “Now, Forager” forces you to weigh both options, but you may not be able to completely decide.

“Now, Forager” screens on Friday, March 7, at 7:00 p.m. in BriarPatch’s Community Room. Please be advised there are swear words in the film and a scene of Lucien cleaning a fish. Come early, as seating is limited.


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