Workshop on New Health Care Law

CC_Horz_CMYK_LogoMon., Dec. 9, 7pm
BriarPatch Community Room

In 2014, the Affordable Care Act will go into effect, bringing changes in health insurance for many people. In California, the program is called, “Covered California.” The online marketplace or website to buy the insurance is called, “The Exchange.”

Health insurance specialist Lisa Nielsen will present a workshop on healthcare insurance for 2014. She will cover information pertaining to both Small Group Coverage and Individual Coverage and will address issues that are regionally specific.

Lisa will also address what to do if you lose your coverage because you live in the 95959 zip code and how to decide if you should keep the coverage you have if you have a “grandfathered” plan or a Blue Shield plan that doesn’t end until March 31. She will explain how subsidies and tax credits work as well as what the qualifications are. Most importantly, she will review the important dates affecting coverage and fines. There will be a question and answer segment at the end.

Lisa Nielsen is a California Licensed Broker and a Certified Covered California Agent who has been serving Nevada County residents’ health coverage needs for almost twenty years. Visit her website or call (530) 477-7020 for more information.


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